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The City Game combines unusual, unforgettable , and fun experience with an extraordinary amount of information.

City Games means plots, mysterious and spooky places, interesting people, and various old times characters. The City Game is happening for real! A City Game is an active form of leisure. It is becoming very popular as a part of away days, making trainings, company events, conference meetings and congresses much more enjoyable. A City Game is also a perfect way to support any PR event, making it original and hence attractive and unforgettable.

The Urban Game in Krakow:

  • For Companies – team building and sightseeing activities, overall event management
  • For Travel Agencies – sightseeing games
  • For Councils and Corporations – plot based city games
  • For National and International Groups

Krakow? Why?

The City Game – it's real - you are in the Game...

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For several years we have been organizing city games for companies and institutions. We organize the game combined teambuilding with sightseeing in a urban landscape which created lot of interesting capabilities.

City games - lot of fun and a little bit of history in a fun way to let you know Krakow - unusual places and people, ideally way to spend time after the conference or training to integrate the group.

City games can also be an effective part of marketing in its various forms as the promotion of places, events, brands and products.

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We organize city games for groups of several to several hundred participants also in foreign languages. .

In 2011 requested by the European Committee and the European Parliament - Information Office in Poland our company organized a city game for Cracow citizens and foreigners living in Krakow.

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Piwnica pod Baranami
The Cellar under the Rams

The site of Krakow's legendary cabaret Piwnica Pod Baranami on the Main Market Square (Rynek Główny).

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Urban Game is a nutshell of knowledge of royal Krakow and also great fun. Our scenarios in an Krakow City Games combine fun with sightseeing .

In search of the Wawel Dragon

gra miejska w Krakowie

This is a game involving topography skills, during which participants have to find various Cracow Old Town locations and perform unusual tasks.
Find your way through the city jungle and discover Cracow! Find the creatures from the most popular fairytale of the Wawel Dragon tale takes place in Kraków during the reign of King Krakus...

Seeking of the Mystery Recipe

gry miejskie w Krakowie

The Mysterious Recipe was locked some centuries ago up by famous inventor in unknown place in Old Town of Krakow. Your team is going away for a exploration to find the mystery using hidden information and guidance. During the game you will have lot of tasks to solve and the opportunity to get to known interesting objects and mysterious figures...

The Treasure of the Jagiellons

gra miejska w Krakowie

A sixteenth-century alchemist from the Jagiellonian University, In the course of his work, he also happened on a clue of the king’s hiding away of one of the chests returned by the Habsburgs, allegedly containing the royal treasure of the Jagiellons. We have knowledge that the famous alchemist, waiting for the day when the secret will be found...

Attention, Attention: find the agents!

gra miejska w Krakowie

The task of the participants in the game is to detect the wanted agents. In order to do this, it is necessary to collect relevant information and clues, find the Informers who, in exchange for the performance of tasks, will provide information that will allow to select wanted suspects from among the suspects, descripted in the materials.

Professor Einstein's kidnapping

gry miejskie w Krakowie

During his lecture, the famous Professor Einstein is kidnapped by a hostile intelligence group. Participants receive a set of clues and go on an escapade to find and release the Professor. Along the way, they are questioned and tested, perform various tasks, get to know Cracow interesting historical facts and places, unavailable to an ordinary tourist...

The abduction of Cecylia Gallerani

gra miejska w Krakowie

Our well informed Secret Services suspect a plot to kidnap Cecilia Gallerani. How can it be prevented? The game participants will have to answer that question and stop the robbers from stealing Poland‘s most famous Leonardo da Vinci piece. Luckily, it is only a city game in Cracow Old Town...

For Whom?

Team building and sightseeing city games as a part of team building activities.

  • city games gra miejska w Krakowie

    Urban Games

    for Companies

    Our company offers the complete organization of ever so popular city games, carried out as active sightseeing or outdoor events sessions, developed around interesting plots, all held in Cracow’s most attractive locations. A city game is a divine combination of fun, competition and sightseeing.

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  • city games gra miejska w Krakowie

    Sightseeing City Games

    For the Travel Agencies

    It is the liaison between the past and the present that makes Cracow a magical place. The city is full of the old Krak Gord mysterious, legendary places, culture, people… Groups visiting are welcome to join a Sightseeing City Game, integrating a city tour around the Cracow historical spots...

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Here are just a few examples of our City Games for the companies and the citizens of Krakow:

city games gra miejska w Krakowie

Cisco Systems

the urban games

city games gra miejska w Krakowie


the city games

city games gra miejska w Krakowie

Philip Morris Int.

the urban games

city games gra miejska w Krakowie


the city game and the conference

city games gra miejska w Krakowie

European Commission

the city game for the citizens of the town of Krakow

city games gra miejska w Krakowie

TEVA Pharmaceutical

the urban game and the banquet

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Trivia of Krakow

Our City Game - the discovering of unknown Krakow with fun and integration. We know Krakow!

Jougs of St. Mary's

gra miejska w Krakowie

It was an iron collar fastened by a short chain to a wall, often of the parish church, or to a tree. The collar was placed round the offender's neck and fastened by a padlock. The jougs was practically a pillory. It was used for ecclesiastical as well as civil offences... read more...

The Extinguishers to the torches

city games w Krakowie

In several places in Krakow survived to this day extinguishers to the torch, illuminating the streets once by moving the inhabitants of the city after dark. Houses in Old Town have got a specially stone in the form of solids with holes...

The Bugle of the
St. Mary's

city games w Krakowie

Every full hour a golden trumpet shows above Krakow’s Main Square in the window of the higher tower of the St. Mary's Church. A characteristic trumpet melody, known to every Pole, resounds all over the Old Town of Krakow...

The iron chains on the Florian Str.

city games w Krakowie

Iron chains are embedded among others in the house by Florianska street (intersection of the St. Thomas Street). They were used to close the street in case of appearance of the enemy. Another theory is that the chains were used to close the night crossings in the city, to enforce a ban on movement of sled riding... read more...

The oldest surviving dwelling house

urbangames w Krakowie

Church of St. Cross comes from the fourteenth century. It is the only sacred building in Krakow vaulted palm. Right next to the medieval Church of Sts. Cross at. St. Cross 23 is early Gothic rectory building. The building was erected of lime stone and brick. To this day, are noticeable in the walls of the elements of the defense... read more...

Medieval house postal addresses

gra miejska w Krakowie

In ancient times, houses did not had numbers - for determining the adress of the house was used owner's name or the name associated with the motive placed on the facade as the house emblem - animal or vegetable motif. The oldest - the fourteenth century emblem of the house in Krakow is... read more...


read more about Krakow Trivia...

Krakow actively

We are specialized not only in the Urban Games. We also organizing and creating the activities and integrations meetings. We can help to actively organize your visit in Krakow and neighborhood.

The Creative

gra miejska w Krakowie

Creative Workshops are interesting proposal for actively rest time after conference and company meeting. Combined with art creation and team building. Creativly participants are generating innovative ideas.The workshops are also a kind of verification of a lidership in team and also creativly fun.

Team Building

city games w Krakowie

Team Building is a process of the creation of a colectively working group of people. It is a tool to generate the motivation and cooworking in the team of workers and employers. Some of activities may be perceived as a kids games from the childhood, others are a kind of complex tasks with special prepared story.

Tour de Pubs

city games w Krakowie

In Krakow, city of lot of pubs, and restauranst we realise other kind of the urban games - Tour de Pubs. To solve the mystery of the game all teams have to visit a few pubs and realize special tasks. They give a hint how to find the address of evening party...

We have organized the city games also for:

city games gra miejska w Krakowie
city games gra miejska w Krakowie
city games gra miejska w Krakowie
city games gra miejska w Krakowie


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